Facilities & Services

We offer a diverse range of lifestyle options and services, from low to high dependency – every resident has a unique background, interests and their own personal care needs. It is our aim at Lotus Care to meet all our residents’ individual needs by offering a diverse range of lifestyle options, services and recreational activities.



At Lotus Care, we provide a temporary relief to the family of the elderly. There are different types of respite care accessible depending on the level of care required by the elderly and also the length of stay.

As personal support and maintaining personal health is also important, our service can offer comfort and the peace of mind by providing the assurance that your loved one is under the best and professional care in our facility.


Lotus Care provides special care to any elderly who is reaching the end of their journey of life. We provide a holistic approach with physical and mental support to the resident and also to their family members.

We believe in providing the comfort they need and improving their quality of life until the very end. Thus, we strive to provide the best and professional care to the resident until the final stage of life.


Our lifestyle options and services

Shared Bedroom

Our high-dependency residents will be closely and consistently monitored and attended to by our qualified nurses and Personal Care Assistant (PCA).We provide only the highest quality 24-hour care and assistance based on each residents’ medical and physical needs and requirements.

Single Room Without Window

Independent Living encourages a free and active lifestyle that supports resident’s needs to conduct their lives with dignity and privacy, while still maintaining the option of having nurses or Personal Care Assistant (PCA)’s attend to them upon request and needs.

Single Rooms With Window

Low dependency in nature, our Assisted Living option is designed for residents who may require specific individualised care and/or medical assistance, and who will also be attended to by our qualified nurses and Personal Care Assistant (PCA)’s according to their individual needs and requirements.

En Suite Room V1 - Services Page

En-Suite Rooms (Single or Twin Sharing)

Our Shared option is designed for senior adults who low dependency in nature require some personal assistance and/or supervision either post surgery recovery or short-term.Residents will continue to enjoy the services and be able to take part in the daily cognitive and social activities offered to our long-term residents.

Caregiver Services

Lotus Care offers a service for hiring short-term and long-term caregivers to provide the right care for your loved ones at the luxury and comfort of your own home. Our caregivers are qualified and trained locally to provide personalized care based on the individual’s healthcare needs, while still ensuring their control, independence and flexibility of their own lives. We understand the full-time responsibility of caring for our loved ones and our caregiver services are designed to support and assist family members and primary caregivers in that responsibility. 

From nursing to companionship, we provide it all with privacy, dignity and professional care in the convenience of your own home. With our services and skilled caregivers, we aim to enhance the lives of your loved ones by making their day-to-day living easier.

Our Caregivers can assist in:

  • Assistance with activities of daily living including – mobility, feeding, bathing, grooming and personal hygiene, and Dressing Mobility
  • Basic physiotherapy exercises
  • Communication and companionship
  • Medication monitoring
  • Assistance in preparing meals for the care receiver whenever necessary
  • Assistance for clinic/hospital visits